Payment Options

We accept Credit Cards (VISA/MasterCard) as well as EC-bank withdrawal in most markets. In some markets, we may also accept wire transfer or cheques. In all cases, payments are processed comfortably and securely by our partner PayPal. That's safe, secure, comfortable and costs nothing extra for our customers.

In many markets, our customers do NOT need even a PayPal account! A CreditCard or a bank account is sufficient.

Why PayPal? PayPal is a global leader in secure online payment processing. It offers security and variety of payment methods online since 1998. That means that PayPal has been in service about as long as Google. PayPal has over 150 Million registered clients worldwide and has processed over 3.4 Billion transactions with a total value of over 214 Billion US$ over the last year (as of 10/2014). That's an average of 9 Million payments per day. PER DAY! So we are confident that they can reliably handle our few transactions also.