uslu airlines is a cosmetic brand based within the luxury segment. Founded in New York, back in 2003, uslu airlines has its headquarter currently in Berlin.

The makeup artist Feride Uslu began her international career in Madrid and then moved on to New York. For ten years she lived and worked there close to the best hair and makeup artists, high fashion brands and prestigious publications like Vogue, ID-magazine, Glamour and many more.

Feride’s sensibility and approach for makeup was spectacular and new so she started building her own, innovative tools. One of them became the foundation of her brand: the airbrush makeup system for end consumers. Launched in 2003, the airbrush makeup is celebrated by the entire international beauty and fashion scene.

For Feride it is always about the natural look. Inspired by the airbrush technique she found a way to translate this technique for applying makeup. The uslu airlines airbrush system is the finest, easiest and only way to perfectly blend makeup and achieve a flawless, natural result. It simplifies airbrush makeup and makes it consumer friendly. Working with air inspired us to name our products after Airport Codes. This playful characteristic gives uslu airlines products a cosmopolitan, exciting image and a unique and distinctive feature.

Today the product range includes, next to our airbrush makeup, lipstick, lipgloss, concealer, powder, mascara and nail polishes (5-FREE). The latest technology of the double brush makes the application of the nail polishes easy and quick. uslu airlines products have very high quality standards and are particularly environmentally friendly, as for example the makeup is water based. Furthermore, our nail polish remover is physical, instead of chemical, and solvent free.

Moreover uslu airlines loves collaborations, to meet creative people and to initiate cooperations. It all started with the concept store Colette in Paris, which is an important partner up until today. Others include for example, the fashion designer Bernhard Willhelm, Marc Cain, Superstar Kylie Minogue, MYKITA and Nike.