uslu airlines is a Berlin based luxury cosmetics brand created by Turkish makeup artist Feride Uslu and German entrepreneur Jan Mihm in 2003.

Relying on the most advanced quality formulas, uslu airlines sets the current trends with a range of fantastic colours that is second to none.

Uslu airlines finds itself in a hi-end horse race challenging the most prestigous international luxury brands – a race that uslu airlines mostly wins, as proven by all-too many copy cats that ‘launch’ an uslu airlines colour with a year or so delay… We take that as a compliment and we shall continue to supply everyone with killer colours. Word.

The names for all those colours are just as creative: each is christened with an airport from sometimes the most remote corners of planet Earth. Inspired by an amazing and ever growing line-up of sexy collaborateurs, including Parisian Designer Bernhard Willhelm, Swiss DJ Headman, Berlin sunglass mavens MYKITA, semi-legal street artist EMESS or good old American shoe maker NIKE, for a few examples… they all have explored new destinations with uslu airlines.

But even in cosmetics, colours and image travel only at the surface and real value is in the quality of the product. The large following of international professional fashion make up artist (none of them paid, none of them bribed with free product…we don’t have to!) provides growing confirmation of such and their input (and criticism) raises uslu airlines’ flight altitude to ever higher levels.

Celebreties love it to, but is that anything new?

Feride Uslu was born in Söke/Türkiye and raised in Germany. She started her makeup career in Madrid and then moved to New York to really take off. By 2003 she started her own airline and cosmetic brand with partner Jan Mihm.

The micronized liquid airbrush make up is available in a variety range of shades and can be used as foundation, rouge, eyeshadow and lip colour. Besides, Uslu Airlines offers the complete range of decorative cosmetics from lipgloss to nail polish.

All uslu airlines products and colours have airport names. We like to call our products ‘destinations’ and therefore use the global aviation 3-letter-code system for our product organization… they pick the names by heart, by sound, by love, by many many categories! Some are big, well known and often travelled (like JFK or CDG, for example). Others are very small (like TUY) or very boring (like SIR). A few of our destination airports do not even have a landing strip or runway: the heliports or the water plane airports on lakes and rivers.

All in all, Uslu Airlines offers over 180 destinations in over 170 countries. That’s more than Lufthansa or British Airways or Delta or Air France. 

Uslu Airlines is sold at:
 Colette Paris, Departmentstore im Quartier 206 Berlin, Apropos Cologne, 10 Corso Como Milan, Stefano Saccani Parma.

Please fasten your seatbelts.

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main_line_by__gabriel_eid_2500Feride Uslu für renk Feride Uslu für renk

Pictures by Nikolai Ziener & Gabriel Eid