PAO – Palo Alto home of computer cracks, tech companies, famous Stanford University but also home town of fast and easy money: Our newest flight destination and crew member, PAO – PALO ALTO

The charter city is situated in the Northwest of Santa Clara County in California of the United States and emblems the 20´s movement of todays modern american dream.

Our PAO is a dramatic-cool dark plum coloured lipstick with a semi-matt finish wrapped up in a creamy texture. Great for the upcoming festive season! Get your hands on PAO here: or shop in your next boutique or store:


Fun Facts:

1 . Palo Alto is spanish and means tall tree, referring to the significant natural habitat.

2 . Back in 2010 American actor and writer James Franco dedicated a book of his home town Palo Alto with the same title. The collection of short stories tells the story of bored young teenagers who are growing up to quickly and their struggle in life during their teenage days.


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