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Berlins pitoresque West – 

that has a lot of hidden treasures off- and on-side of Berlins Kurfürstendamm to offer:

Such as the iconic Hotel Zoo that is situated in the heart of flaneer and shopping hot spot on Kurfürstendamm.

For prestigious Hotel Zoo we created a luxurious jade-green nail polish, HZB that matches the vibrant jade-green

interior of Hotel Zoo. We were especially inspired by the green hallway carpet “Climbing Leopard”, designed by

fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg.

The jade-green treasure can be purchased online at:  or in every hotel room minibar.

But if you are more into red or nude shades, we also prepared a little special for every hotel guest at Check-In desk!

A nail polish of  21 different colours is waiting for you to be picked up.



Hotel Zoo was designed by American design Duo Dayna Lee and Ted Berner. together they have revitalized

the iconic venue by embracing its past glory while installing a firm sense of modernity.

Built in glorious 1889 Hotel Zoo was more used as a private residence by Berlin and international

VIPS such as Sophia Loren or Romy Schneider. Today, owned by Manfred Weingarten and Robert Huebner,

Hotel Zoo has next to its 130 rooms and 14 suites to offer.

Book a room at Hotel Zoo now –


(c) by Hotel Zoo

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