EIS.de x uslu airlines: vote your favourite sensuality colour


Our beloved sex toy peddlers at EIS.de asked us to turn the colours of their latest video into real nail and lip products. And now we are asking you which two should it be? Go to eis.de/usluairlines and pick your very own “pastel“ lipstick and nail polish. Production will be determined by your crowd powers. And: among all lusting voters, we raffle off some goodies to brighten up your love life… 

The initiator of this collab is EIS.de‘s celebrated new video “Es rappelt im Karton” (engl.: banging in the box). Did by Jung von Matt, this great clip is so fun, sexy and colourful, we just had to jump it. Watch it at eis.de/usluairlines

About EIS.de

From sexy toys to hi-tech helpers, EIS.de are simply the hottest expert providers of kink in the world. They have been in the juicy business since 2006 and are helping some sexy 6 Million faithful (and not so faithful) online shoppers to discover their sensuality. This simply makes them the biggest player around. And hell yeah, we love to love them. Bang!


Don’t forget to surf to eis.de/usluairlines and vote!

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