EIS.de x uslu airlines launch love lipstick destination SGR


Sugar coat your Leckermäulchen with the most democratic kiss colour we have created so far: in the vote for SGR – sugarland, over 6 Million lusting mouths were asked to move their tonque and/or speak out!

To touch the soft spot of lipstick lovers, we teamed up with our dear friends at EIS.de. As Germany’s #1 online sex toy peddlers, they are proven experts in many matters of joy and sensuality. And their audience is well above 6 Million girls, boys and in-betweens. Imagine asking all of Berlin, Hamburg and München combined to come up with their favourite pleasure! After all votes counted, the dominant ‘popping plum’ shade got the name SGR – sugarland, which is an airport in Texas and still seemed sweet enough. Available now exclusively for 19,99€ at EIS.de (or, if you prefer to spend extra cash for no appearant reason, also in our own online store for about 4€ more…)

The trigger for this collab was EIS.de’s celebrated video clip ‘Es rappelt im Karton’ featuring Pixie Paris. Viewed from all perspectives and positions, an hommage to multi-colour celebration of love, lust and sensuality. See for yourself:


“We cherish different preferences when it comes to kissing”, explains EIS.de Kusskönigin Jeanette Hepp, “so uslu airlines was the no-brain partner for this.”

Jan Mihm, Kiss Project Ambassador at uslu airlines, confirms:”The choices we were offered to offer played well into our passion for colourful variety.”

Before SGR – sugarland was produced, we presented 4 different hues to be sure we serve what will be eaten. The verdict was clear, so plummy bulk went into the mixer. Tastes are varied and SGR – sugarland might just have been second choice for you. But do not worry, there is more to come and more already there today, just check our online store.

And if -aside from lipstick solour preferences- decision making is not what you fancy most, there is a great selection of accessories for the submissive types amongst you at EIS.de . Enjoy!

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