“Costumes & Wishes for the 21st Century” | Dominique Foerster-Gonzalez x BLESS x uslu airlines


Last weekend, Sunday the 30th of October, we celebrated the opening exhibition “Costumes & Wishes for the 21st Century at Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin.
A collaboration between BLESS x uslu airlines, as well as visual artist Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and interdisciplinary design Studio Manuel Raeder.
The exhibition at Schinkel Pavillon is featuring a series of costumes which were part of Dominique Gonzales-Foerster’s apparitions dating back to 2013, including Edgar Allan Poe, Lola Montez, and Fitzcarraldo among others. The costumes was staged by Manuel Raeder to perpetuate the spirit of apparitions and transformations.
The arty crowd were invited to incorporate the characters and take it into their contemporary interpretations. A cool and well thought experiment!
Our lovely and very talented Patricia did makeup with our AOP – air(o)pack 2.0 and an exclusive colour range of liquid Make-Ups and lipsticks.
The exhibition is open until January 2017
flyer – (c) BLESS
photos – (c) Bert Houbrechts


Check out Schinkel Pavillon for further information: http://www.schinkelpavillon.de/exhibition/costumes-wishes-21st-century/
Schinkel Pavillon e.V.
Oberwallstraße 1
10117 Berlin
T 030 20886444

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