uslu airlines x Coca-Cola light

HDH lipstick collaboration with the Coca-Cola light initiative “Hör auf dein Herz”

The heart is a marvel. A marvel, for which it is time to show your true colors! With the perfect red lipstick. Created specifically for and in close collaboration with the Coca-Cola light Initiative “Hör auf dein Herz” the exclusive lipstick is – as all our products – named after an airport. In this case HDH.

This fits perfectly. We live a fast-paced life. We want to enjoy every day and that is good. But sometimes we forget to pay attention to our personal balance. The lipstick HDH reminds us: Due to chronic stress woman’s heart can stumble and get sick. This is what the Coca-Cola light initiative “Hör auf dein Herz” points out. More information on the initiative at  and 

The lipstick does not only look sexy – it also draws the attention to the importance of the topic heart health. True to the motto “show your colors for women’s heart health” women now wear the message on their lips: Watch yourself and listen to your heart!

The lipstick HDH has the same high-end quality like all the products within our uslu airlines universe: carefully selected and perfectly matched ingredients, vitamin E for healthy lips and cruelty free. The color is the classic Coca-Cola red. A red we never produced before and exclusively created for our collaboration with Coca-Cola light.

Our creativity is driven by a family of friends and collaborators who share experiences, emotions and creative ideas from far and wide. We are proud of our expanding family and our shared adventures in the uslu airlines universe.

You can shop this limited edition in our online store here.



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