summer collection 2015


MOI – mitiaro island

MOI, myself and uslu airlines. Lost in a daydream drinking a fine glass of rosé, gazing at pink-tinted clouds and thinking of a spring romance… This year uslu airlines signature colour is named after the idyllic Mitiaro Island in the Pacific Ocean: the fourth island of the Cook islands. Mitiaro was once a volcano that became eroded into the sea and covered with a ring of coral reef called an atoll.


KEE – kelle

Bright turquoise is the color of the trees when they touch the sky, and the nuance of a tasty iced mint tea. Discover it in Kelle, Congo– the city where the airport, which gives the name to this nail polish, is located.


PRU – pyay

When the sun goes down in Pyay, a small city in Burma, the whole sky turns into a deep pink. For this summer you should not miss the breathless sunset on the bank of Ayeyarwady River enjoying your raspberry ice-cream.

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