uslu airlines X-mas special collection

Looking for a perfect gift for X-mas season?




uslu airlines has the answer, treat yourself or your loved ones with our ultra chic holiday shades!

uslu airlines starts the celebration, presents seasonal xMAS colours:  The names you need to know are NMA namangan, MYK mey creek & PSP palm springs

Mix and match those shades in typical uslu airlines style, paint your pinky and ring finger in MYK and the rest in NMA, as pictures above!

uslu airlines’ creative director Feride Uslu suggests topping only two random fingers with our Colette-approved bestseller PSP to achieve that special crushed glitter effect and set new trends.

Application made extra easy thanks to our new double brush.

Go to our webshop or click on the images to get the shades now!



Perfect as a gift – uslu airlines quality approved in Berlin.

The destinations are available now at our online shop!

Colour descriptions:
NMA: deep dark wine
MYK: beige clay
PSP: irredescent crushed glitter


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