uslu airlines lipstick main line

Hey uslu airlines friends!

We are constantly adding new colours to our lipstick main line, choose from bright pinks and reds to crazy blue and green destinations. If you like a more natural feel nude destinations will be your new favourites!

Click on the images below to get various destinations now or browse through our online shop!




uslu_lipstick_AAL uslu_lipstick_APP uslu_lipstick_BIR uslu_lipstick_BYC uslu_lipstick_CZW uslu_lipstick_DGW uslu_lipstick_EAR uslu_lipstick_FCO uslu_lipstick_FDF uslu_lipstick_FRA uslu_lipstick_HAJ uslu_lipstick_HAV uslu_lipstick_HOH uslu_lipstick_MXP uslu_lipstick_QQW uslu_lipstick_SUM uslu_lipstick_TIN uslu_lipstick_VCP uslu_lipstick_VLM

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