IAH & DFW: new colours from our Bernhard Willhelm line!

new shades together 2 version


Our collaboration partner Bernhard Willhelm just moved his office temporarily from Paris to LA, inspired by the new location two nail polish destinations came to life.

uslu airlines is excited to present WHACK IS CRACK. Our latest addition to the Bernhard Willhelm line. Crack is signed with airport code IAH George Bush Airport in USA. It can be layered on every uslu airlines nail polish and will crack and create interesting patterns!

IAH also perfectly matches with DFW Fort Worth located in USA which is an delightful candy pink.


bernahrd_layout.indd bernahrd_layout.indd 18

Artwork by Sandra Gramm
Pictures courtesy of Bernhard Willhelm http://www.bernhard-willhelm.com/


Find out more about the Bernhard Willhelm line here.

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