ANE angers-loire leopard chip nail polish

uslu airlines is proud to present a complete innovation!

Always digged nail art but never knew how-to? Always wanted wildly printed nails but didn’t have the time to work ’em? uslu airlines has the solution.

Longly awaited, exclusively launched in Tokyo with fashion brand Another Edition this limited nail polish finally arrives in Europe.

ANE Angers-Loire in France is the airport code which will change nail polish addicts view on nail art once and forever. The leo nail. Simple, yet irresistible. Do it yourself nail art in a bottle. uslu airlines style at its very best. ANE has three components combined in one sleek bottle. First, a caring part of undercoat, secondly mixed with our signautre PSP sparkling crushed ice, and finally sleek leo particles for that extra nail art effect. Add it as you like, whether as a top coat on your favourite uslu airlines nail polish or on your bare nails. Adjust the amount of leo madness by choice or add them one by one.

Of course we didn’t forget to care for your nails. ANE is 5-free like all our polishes. That means no nasty poisons like dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, toluene, camphor and formaldehyde resin. Our new white double brush will make applying the nail polish extra easy. ANE is launching September 2014. Fasten your seat belts for a revelation!

Click on the images below to get ANE now!



MB_USLU_HI_2MB_USLU_HI_2MB_USLU_HI_5ANE_mood_picture_by_Maxime_Ballesteros_2 photo by Maxime Ballesteros


 uslu_nail_ANE_mood_1-1  photo by Julia Burlingham

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