VLM & BYC – our new lipsticks x Weltkulturen museum

Weltkulturen Museum takes off to colourful sky high altitudes with uslu airlines

What might an ‘airline’ that creates nail polishes have to do with a masculine find from the Bolivian bushlands? For the Collection of the Collection, such a combination is not at all surprising. Impressive yet it is: it yields a product that is wearable, touchable and kissable.

We are very proud of our recent partnership with the infamous Weltkulturen Museum in Frankfurt. It’s super exciting to combine both our esthetics with a piece selected from the museum exhibition.


The bespoke piece is a lipplug from an old Bolivian tribe. The exact origins are uknown, but we know for sure that it was worn during rituals. The piece is made out of grey stone and has a glowing blue and grey colour.

We immediately got inspired by these shades and tried to link them with beauty products.

And so lipplug became lipstick.


Our goal was to make a version of lip jewelry, but in a much softer way. Inspired by the lipplug we created two powerful statement lipsticks. Sky blue and steel grey.

A blue or steel colour splash on the lips, definitely eye catching, yet we think it could be the new trend.

If people somewhere in the Bush could wear blue lipplugs, should it be hard to wear a blue lipstick on the streets of Berlin, Hamburg or Frankfurt? Why does it always has to be a classic red lip? We find that boring and want to change how people view lipstick!

So – it’s up to you, blue or steel grey, give it a try and let the inspirations flow.


All uslu airlines products are always named after airport codes around the world. For this special project we chose airports connected with the history of the lipplug object. The blue lipstick goes by VLM (Villamontes) and the steel grey is called BYC (Yacuiba). Both of the Airports are located in Bolivia where the piece was found.

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