uslu airlines x Montana Cans x SUPERBLAST

We are happy to announce our new collaboration with Montana and Berlin street artist SUPERBLAST. Together we created the nail polish TRUth color. The new nail polish destination “TRU – Trujillo” in Peru, marks uslu airline’s entry into a new field of art infused collaborations. Colour is one of the first tools that come to mind when one thinks about artistic expression. So enlisting ‘real’ artists to curate for us was just another of our no-brainers.

TRU was known as ‘superblast blue’ when introduced in Montana spray cans in 2006. Then just as now, Berlin based graffiti artist Superblast was the driver behind the blue. Our nail polish also TRU marks the launch of a special edition of this spray paint.

About the artist: Superblast discovered the sparkling world of graffiti writing in 1989. It opened up a whole new universe to him which led to a very personal style, tinted by Hip Hop, Punk Rock and Skateboard culture. He lives in Berlin and works as an artist and graphic designer. The artwork he creates is themed around psychological archetypes, fictional mythologies and his personal utopia. And has been shown at Merry Karnowsky Gallery (Berlin), Lodown Westberlin Gallery (w/ Jay “One” Ramier), Two Window Project (Berlin), Faces&Laces Moscow (w/ KRink, Zedz), Studio 44 Berlin (w/ Mode 2), Civilist (Berlin), WoodWood Store (Berlin) and on the Berlin Festival 2011 (where he also won the 1st Art Village Prize).

Superblast has also left his marks in the streets of Buenos Aires, Chongqing China, Barcelona, New York City, Johannesburg SA, Sao Paulo, etc. during his travels.
Besides his eclectic artistic explorations, he is known for collaborations with international brands, such as WeSC, Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape, Bread & Butter Berlin tradeshow, Veltins Beer, and others. His book “Neo Utopia – The Art & Work of SuperBlast” was published worldwide by Publikat / Gingko Press.

About the brand Montana Cans: From car boot operation to worldwide distribution, Montana Cans based in Heidelberg Germany, is the worlds leading spray can brand and purveyors of all things street. Feeding the needs of disserning artist’s globally, Montana Cans have stayed true to their graffiti roots by innovating highest quality art making tools for todays artistic needs.

The new nail polish destination TRU Trujillo (Peru) comes in a limited edition packaging. It will be available with the standard white cap or a custom black cap version both featuring the new double brush and of course a custom artwork. The signature SUPERBLAST color TRUth PAINT spray can created with MontanaCans comes in a small 200 ml bottle.




uslu_nail_main_TRU_black_2500 uslu_nail_main_TRU_white_2500

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