uslu airlines x Loco Dice lipsticks

After a winning nail polish collaboration (ehm, nail polish DUS in lilac anyone?) we teamed up with Dj Loco Dice for the second time around.

This time three sexy lipsticks will be on everyones attention.

Exclusively for the Used & Abused Ibiza parties we created three shades to get you in a sexy party mood – caring for your lips, providing extreme coverage – no strings attached.

The colours were designed by a team of experts to provide maximum pleasure not only for the one wearing it 😉

As Loco Dice announces the next chapter in his love affair with the White Island we decided to name our lipsticks after some of the best party destinations out there. QQW, GRU, and FCO are named after airport codes in London, Sao Paulo and Rome.

Get your lips kissed and leave a mark.


QQW London United Kingdom




FCO Rome Italy

GRU Sao Paulo Brazil


Click here to buy FCO and here to buy GRU.

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