USL by uslu airlines


uslu airlines launches new beauty line USL by uslu airlines

uslu airlines is a luxury beauty brand founded in New York by renown make-up artist Feride Uslu, now based in Berlin.

In 2003 we launched airflow make-up, the supra-light way to achieve the ultimate natural beauty look. Supersonic beauty make-up: clean, fast, simple and incredibly sheer. Today our range also includes lipstick, mascara and nail polish.

This summer a new cosmetic line is ready for take-off: USL by uslu airlines Edition No.1 features 16 brand new nail polish colors in a sophisticated, skinny bottle. Convenient, portable and easy to apply. Rapid nail art deluxe.

All uslu airlines nail polishes are named after international airport destinations. USL stands for ‘Useless Loop’ a small jet-port located in Western Australia. Feride Uslu‘s favourite shades from the new line are BEL and GIY as they will provide an instant upgrade to first class glittery altitudes.

USL by uslu airlines is now available at legendary Colette Paris and in all &other stories branches. The full range of uslu airlines products can be found at the leading stores in your favorite cities: Blend Barcelona, Storm Copenhagen or Wood Wood Berlin, just to name a few.



As a special treat we invited some of our closest friends to take part in the celebration. We encouraged them to draw, paint, photograph, sculpt… in short to let their imagination guide them to create their own special vision of USL by uslu airlines.

See below a selection of their artworks.


Artwork by Gabriel Eid



Artwork by Andrea Crews



Artwork by Christina Kruse



Artwork by Sarah Illenberger



Artwork by Happy Shop Berlin



Artwork by Jina Khayyer


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