Lipstick HOH with Susanne Kaufmann

Uslu airlines teamed up with organic beauty expert Susanne Kaufmann.

For the 10th anniversary of her beauty line ‘organic treats‘ Feride and Susanne created a very special lipstick.

The colour is a juicy coral, the perfect combination of red with a hint of orange and pink. It allows the wearer to experiment and build up the colour to individual taste.


Get HOH here!

According to Susanne Kaufmann’s quality assurance the lipstick contains Shea butter. Natural ingredients and Vitamin E will make your lips smooth like never before.

Of course if you like our classic lipstick formula more, please keep on browsing here.


The lipstick goes by the name HOH, which stands for Hohenems Airport in Voralberg, located close to Susanne‘s hometown and Hotel Post in Bezau. You can find a route from Hotel Post to Hohenems below, just in case you would want to fly there with your private helicopter.

6 responses to “Lipstick HOH with Susanne Kaufmann”

  1. eva hanan says:

    Would like to purchase a HOH lipsick as described in the Wall Sreer Journal last Saturday. Please e-mail info

  2. Kerri Eisgruber says:

    Can I purchase your lipsticks (& other products in the US?).

    Vielen dank,


  3. Colette Norton says:

    Is HOH lipstick available for purchase on-line?


  4. Marianna says:

    Dear Colette, yes please buy it through our online shop:
    Best Regards,
    your uslu crew

  5. Marianna says:

    Hi Kerri, yes you can purchase our whole line at
    Best Regards,
    your uslu crew

  6. Marianna says:

    Hi Eva, yes you can purchase our whole line at
    Best Regards,
    your uslu crew

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