4 new colours jump into Spring

– nail polishes BOO, AMB, USH and UKA now ready to order –


Some of you had already seen these colours, but they used to be regional exclusives. Until today! Everybody loved them, so we decided to take them global. You surely kinda expected us to do this, so it’s no surprise. Or maybe just a nice one at least.


USH is a clear nail polish with glitter strings. Named after the airport USH – islas malvinas – Argentina. It originally came in a set with AMB as part of our collaboration with Ambush.


UKA was available only in Japan and Paris for a long time, during our collaboration with UKA for Colette.


BOO is a denim blue, named after Bodo airport in Norway exlusively created for stroller pushers (moms, dads, au-pairs and super nannies, I suppose) as part of our collaboration with Bugaboo.


AMB is a blue nail polish with holographic fibers, named after the airport AMB – Ambilobe on Madagaskar. It originally came in a set with USH as part of our collaboration with Ambush.

All photos by David Mallon, free to use for you blog, site, mag, etc. Please credit/backlink. Thanks.

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  1. […] eher zu einem Königs,- oder Türkisblau, was beides so gar nicht mein Fall ist. Dann fand ich Boo und hatte endlich wieder einen Grund etwas bei Uslu Airlines zu bestellen, ein Beautylabel aus […]

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