Zitty #13 2012

For those who haven’t caught yet the latest Torstraßen news – get the Zitty magazine and read a felicitous article about our lipstick TOR! You won’t have any trouble to find the pretty words, because it will catch your eye…they printed the biggest lipstick we ever seen. It’s bigger than life but we like it!


Ein Männermachoding

Elf Berliner Männer haben zweieinhalb Jahre gebraucht, um die perfekte Lippenstiftfarbe zu entwickeln

Warum tragen Frauen Lippenstift? Im Grunde eine einfache Frage. Und Jan Mihm, der zusammen mit seiner Partnerin Feride Uslu die Kosmetiklinie Uslu Airlines betreibt, kennt natürlich die Antwort. Schließlich hat damit alles angefangen, mit einem Lippenstift, 2003, als sie das Berliner Unternehmen gründeten, dessen Lippenstifte und Nagellacke heute aufgrund ihrer ausgefallenen Farben weltweit ein Verkaufsschlager sind. Sie werden in Konzept-Läden wie dem Colette in Paris oder dem 10 Corso Como in Mailand verkauft…

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Text: Franziska Klün
Photo of the ‘Uslu’s Eleven’: Jan Friese

Real men love lipstick TOR auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

TOR can be found at:

uslu airlines – Torstrasse 125
uslu airlines is a Berlin based luxury cosmetics brand

Thies Wulf STUDIO 2 – Torstrasse 125
Thies Wulf brought some nice things from mexico to grace the TOR lipstick.

Sankt Oberholz – Torstr./Rosenthalerstr. 72a
Ansgar takes his job very seriously and added a yummy deer sausage to the TOR lipstick set.

SOTO – Torstrasse 72
The SOTO boys will make you not only a cup of tea, but also give you a whole can!

No. 74 Store – Torstrasse 74
At the No. 74 the TOR lipstick comes with a super-duper card, that makes your dreams come true.

Made May Day – Torstrasse 66
Fabian gives you the right to share his shop name, with a cute, antiquely looking stamp.

Laust Frederiksen – Torstrasse 72
Laust makes sure your outfit fits perfect to Berlin and created a nice jute bag for you.

Jan Friese – Torstraße 206
Jan added some nice works from him to the TOR lipstick.
Hedi – Torstraße 84-86
Tilo likes it colourful and swung his brush. Here the TOR lipsticks comes with a little piece of art.
MagasinSouvenir – Torstraße 76
treasure is a little, golden mirror, that fits perfect to the TOR lipstick.

Espace Surplus – Torstrasse 224, 2. Hof
Espace Surplus is a school for the perception of contemporary art, for the empowerment of critical judgement and for the awakening of the urge to collect art in our fellow human beings.

Happy Shop – Torstrasse 67
Happy Shop offers a charismatic and unique combination of products for the multi-faceted shopper looking for an unforgettable shopping experience

Shani Bar – Torstrasse 62
Shani Bar creates and designs her own exclusive shoes and bags line since 2003

We strongly encourage all shops and other businesses on Torstrasse to also sell the first lipstick curated by straight men: TOR. If you run a business on Torstrasse and would like to sell TOR, please send us an email.

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