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What a lovely buzz: French Vogue loves our new Keine Musik DJ collab KMC and they continue by extending their love towards uslu airlines as a whole and to the German Umlauts. We love you back, French Vogue! Especially the “Über hip”. Just a bit sad that you neither linked the video, nor the free mp3 download. But no worries, we just do it for you: just scroll down.

Uslu Airlines launches new nail polish in collaboration with Berlin music collective Keinemusik.

Über hip Berlin-based cosmetics brand Uslu Airlines is known for its forward-thinking creations, and their latest offering, the Nato-Olive nail polish, doesn’t disappoint. A military green inspired by the German army’s outdoor apparel, wear it as you listen to the new Keinemusik mix created by DJ Crew as part of the collaboration.

Exclusively available at colette: www.colette.fr



And here, as promised, the link to post with the video and the free mp3 ‘uslu airlines nail mix’ by Keine Musik.

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