süper color

Believe it or not: uslu airlines is not the only place to find the killast colors. We often use influences from mother nature, from fashion, from automotive and from all of you. It’s fun to find cool colours, it’s ‘süper’ actually because the are everywhere, well hidden in plain view.

uslu airlines nail bar – Cannes 2012 from Uslu Airlines on Vimeo.

To make your job easier, we have created the seal of süper. It’s a label that can stick to the süper colors around you. Pick up the seal at Villa Schweppes, 3.14 beach (see map below), and send your pictures to eric@usluairlines.com
We will publish it here together with all the info you like to provide. We might even fill it in bottles.
Where to pick the stickers? Villa Schweppes, beach of the 3.14, right there:

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