SIB lipstick collab x Stil in Berlin

Berlin based blogger Mary Scherpe of ‘Stil in Berlin‘ curated this saturated and moody lipstick, inspired by the deep winters in our beautiful city. Its name, SIB, is an abbreviation of Stil in Berlin, but also in the tradition of uslu airlines, the airport code of Sibiti, Congo.

Mary also casted, picked and shot all the fine Berlin ladies here and above to show you some of the various ways of wearing SIB. Just check how well it works with different skin types, eyes and hair colours. SIB is just as multi-cosmopolitain as the city it originates from demands. Berlin style.

Aside from here, you can also get SIB at Mary’s selected Berlin stores (check her blog for a list), at her own pop-up store with BAERCK on Mulackstrasse 12 and also on

If you would like to sell the ‘Stil in Berlin’ curated lipstick SIB – Sibiti in your store, please contact us.

Some geo facts: Sibiti has less than 20.000 residents and is almost over 9000 km away from Berlin. Have a good trip!

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