motorsport: the uslu airlines race car

As to be expected, the uslu airlines race car has more colours than horses. With the supportive sponsorship of some of our friends, we were able to flip it up again to what is said to be the coolest ride in town.

We have a strong history of cool race cars at uslu airlines. All of them beamers, all of them applauded by passerby pre-schoolers (the real race car experts), their fathers and even their older sisters. Now with third car pimped out, we wanted to do something never done before: a car with a body that glows in the dark.

Video shot and Directed by Christian Datum. Post by Pirates`n`Paradise. Full credits.

100%, a true novum in car design as we know it. But hey, since it’s us who did it, you will be less surprised than impressed, of course. Our film and facebook friends at Bubbles organized that shoot last summer when the baby was a virgin, untouched of any decals.
And here’s what the beast looks like right now. Day and night. Full force foreward. Full frame.

Here is the list of all sponsors, listed alphabetically, of course:

Art Is The Alibi  
Bernhard Willhelm  
Bread & Butter Berlin  
Ed Banger  
Hugo Capablanca  
Loco Dice  
Manon Jewelry  
nike stadiumBerlin  
Shukran Cola  
TNT Triebel  
uslu airlines  

In contrast to all and any common sense assumption, BMW is not sponsoring us. Not yet.

There are still unfilled spaces for additional ads! Your logo on the fender. Your client’s logo on the roof. Please email me for rates and options and to share your ideas. We’d love to give you a lift.

For the petrol-heads amongst you: our racer is a BMW 123d with twin-turbo and just slightly over 200 horses. M-package, leather, the works. There are no technical modifications from the factory original. As so often, it’s all just cosmetics. And we love it.

After the above pics were shot, we had them wheels overpimped in signal yellow. That’s yellow as in yeah-low.

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