Lipstick KMB with K-MB

In our continued quest to stick lips with lip sticks, we want to thank our hoodies at K-MB to have chosen such a sexy red for their logo and furthermore for allowing us to turn it into an uslu airlines colour destination!

Berlin based brand communication agency K-MB curated this sexy red originally for their logo. It looks pretty good on their business cards. We think it looks even better on your lips. Its name, KMB, was a no-brainer and in the tradition of uslu airlines, it is the airport code of Koinambe, Papua New Guinea.

The cool packaging was designed by Sven Hausherr.

As all of our lipsticks, KMB contains vitamin E to care for your lips. A sensitive pigmentation allows for a very sheer, natural finish. Repeated application however can easily provide full coverage. Your choice. Our lipsticks have been formulated for superb skin compatibility and comfortable wear.

For our fellow aviators: KMB is a really short strip with a runway of just 1430 ft. (less than 500m!), so you better bring the small bird only… See the map below to find that landing spot.