Jolie 01-2012

The Jolie magazine looks from the outside very glamorous, but the inside rock’s! On Page 84 you find our DJ glowing-in-the-dark nail polish PSG Petersburg/Alaska next to the Nike ‘Hyperfuse’ sneaker. PSG (Ed Banger) is one of six other nail polish of our DJ-line. When we started the DJ-line, it was to add some audible to the eye-candy. And for the mix-masters some visible to their sound, to make a certain Djs presence visible rather than only audible. It worked well, as we all know. We now sometimes would need doormen and selectors to check who is on the list for entry into this selected circle! DJs involved so far are Fetisch, Rollerboys, Headman, Ed Banger (Busy P) and Hugo Capablanca and the Loco Dice – DUS.

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