Happy Day to Mama Spa

Mama Spa is turning 1! We wish you our very best and can’t wait to enjoy your smashing beauty farm once again.

Christina Haneberg, the owner of Mama Spa Stuttgart likes to say: “Bei mir bist Du scheyn” and that’s exactly what we want to hear and feel. Mama Spa is a hideaway in the middle of the city which is designed by women for women, moms, girls and girlfriends.

Photos by Mama Spa:

How to find Mama Spa:

Größere Kartenansicht

In 2011 we created with Mama Spa the nail polish SPA Spartanburg/USA, which completes their great concept, because beside the beauty treatments you are also welcome to the little shop, called Tante Emma, where you find their favourite cosmetics products and other very cute, useful things.

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