The end of exclusivity?

We are happy to announce that 4 colours that were in exclusive hands with our friends at Hotel Costes/Paris and MYKITA are now ready for your order:

COS – colorado, USA (a deep burgundy)

MYK – may creek, USA (greyish brown)

ITA – itacoatiara, Brazil (lilac)

SXF Рsch̦nefeld berlin, Germany (neoned yellow)

COS was our first polish ever to be offered in luxury hotel room’s mini bars. MYK-ITA-SXF started together with matching colour aviator sun glasses. All of them enjoyed great success during their exclusive period, the first production sold thru like a hot knife thru butter! Please see the pictures below and you will understand.

For specific background and history of the 4 colour above, please go to and


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