colette carnaval


Last saturday and sunday, the 10th and 11th of march, colette was celebrating its 15h anniversary and thought big by organizing a giant carnival in the sublime Jardin des Tuileries in Paris.
The colette carnaval was a great success at all levels, welcoming over 20.000 guests in only two days, in an amazing atmosphere full of joy and happiness!

It was such an honour to be part of this big fête and had so much great times the whole week end! As a proof of it, some pictures showing this


welcome to uslu airlines itinerant nail bar

uslu airlines proposed an itinerant nail bar, mounted upon two vélibs. The idea was either to paint your nails, either to paints the bike as a celebration to our love to Paris, and to create a colorful bridge between those two cities.

Having a trip in Berlin, the two vélibs are now to win. How, you will say? Quite simply, in fact! Indeed, if you had been lucky enough to come to the carnival, and been cool enough to come to our nail bar, you should have been told all the rules.

However, champagne and excitement sometimes make forget some things… As a reminder! We created an album on our facebook page where we posted the pictures of you at the colette carnaval. Follow these steps in order: like our page, find the photo belonging to you and tag youserlf. Try to get the most “likes”, and maybe win the bike with all of our nail polishes!

(contest is now over! congrats to Margaux Fortin our winner)

see us quickly at 1’40, our own video is coming soon


colette c’est (vraiment) chouette!

For its anniversary colette also released Le colette n°10, a magazine dedicated to colette and everything that is loved by the mother and the daughter.

Hey look! it’s our PSP nail polish, freshly released 🙂

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