Bild Berlin 23-01-2012

Some news from our head quarters area. Our new lipstick TOR had to pass the magnetic kiss test done by the beautiful actress Elena Garcia Gerlach. Of course TOR and Elena succeeded! The Berlin Bild newspaper made a little documentation about it. For more information see below:

The ultimate lipstick, what a goal! How about asking 11 guys how such a magic stick should look like, smell like, taste like? After all it’s men, whose looks and -ideally- kisses are to be caught. Right? That’s usually the female plan, at least. With that in mind, uslu airlines redefined the ‘target group’ for lipsticks and gave them dudes the last word in a girly quest.

Co-pilot Jan Mihm formed a group of 11 lipstick specialists whose cosmetic background is more than questionable at first sight. Some of them don’t even use shampoo. Soccer players, photographers, gastronomes, galerists, designers, skaters, you name it. Great.

Aside from their fondness for the ladies, they all share another quality: all of the 11 live and/or work on Torstrasse in Berlin. That’s why we picked airport code TOR for Torrington/USA as the destination for their colour.

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