BER ready for take-off!

uslu airlines is world’s first carrier to offer Berlin’s home airport BER as firm destination:

With all too many bad words about scandals, bribes and delays revolving around the construction of Berlin’s new super-airport BER – Berlin Brandenburg International, uslu airlines brings you the rare and surprising good news: BER is ready for take-off! At least with us, it is.

Our signature colour for the so far futuristic destination has been around for years actually. With the help of our good friends at No74 in Berlin, we launched BER in summer 2010 already. Long, long, long before anyone even hinted a construction delay of our capital’s Luftdrehkreuz. As of now, BER is reachable from anywhere in world where uslu airlines is found. (for starters: simply check the best store in your town and that will likely be the end of your search. Greets.)

Here is a picture of the fantastic 360ยบ webcam at the BER construction site. At least the cam is working on time! Click on it to see what’s going on:

BER Klecks picture by David Mallon.

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