back in the days – inflight 1.0 NYC

Back in the days in New York City with the very first uslu airlines video showing our very first airbrush makeup system: uslu airlines inflight video 1.0 NYC.

Still hot and still looking good, even after 10 years, this video is a treasure we today release, only for your eyes. And before you ask, yes it is Chloë Sevigny (part 4).

Here is the full video

inflight 1.0 NYC part 1/4
inflight 1.0 NYC part 2/4
inflight 1.0 NYC part 3/4
inflight 1.0 NYC part 4/4
Full credits:

From skyway to subway, here is the beautyfull gang:

ADi / Asfour
Aretha Busby
Benjamin Cho
Betim Balaman
Brigitta Bungard
Chloë Sevigny
Christina Kruse
Ed Andradi
Feride Uslu
Hen Yanni
Jan Mihm
K.A.i. / Asfour
Kaori Kobayashi
Kelly Sebastian
Manon von Gerkan
Marlon Mihm
Nancy Caton
Surya Mihm
Taren Cunningham

The music was written, performed, produced
and -last but not least- donated by ARE Weapons.

Sury Mihm came all the way over from Offenbach
to do the editing: cuts, effects and sound.
Ursula Mihm paid for her flight.

When something did not work right, we
called Rainer Fehringer and he fixed it.
He advised us on what hardware to use
and he installed the software.
The entire video was made on an i-Mac.

Ali Cindoruk designed the logo animations.

Marlon Mihm let us use his room to shoot
the virgins. His room has great light around noon!

Gabriel Eid provided his studio, equipment
and knowledge for the still shots.

Frenel Morris gave us a key to his place so we
could use his Mac to go online and so on,
while ours was busy with the movie.

Feride shot most of the footage, but her
own sequences were taken by Kelly Sebastian,
Ed Andradi and Christina Kruse.

The voice of uslu airlines is Judy Elkan,
mixed and mastered by Mehmet Irdel.

Concept and idea: Feride Uslu and Jan Mihm


watch the full serie:

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uslu airlines – inflight video 3.1 Berlin

uslu airlines – inflight video 4.0 Sunshine Edition

uslu airlines – inflight video 5.0 Director Cuts

uslu airlines – inflight video 6.0

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