Video auf Reiseflughöhe

It took twice as long, three times the effort and manifold everybody’s help to top our previous inflight videos. As some might know, those have been celebrated as the ‘art version’ of Baumarkt infomercials by critics, galleries, retailers and the global media since 2003.

In fact, we kept it simple, stuck with the concept and did not change too much. Just like your grandma’s all familiar goulash served by approned articulate wait staff. Kind of. But see for yourself:

[vsw id=”22776692″ source=”vimeo” width=”610″ height=”343″ autoplay=”yes”]

Watch what Berlin ladies build with uslu airlines beauty airbrush makeup. They stencil, they spray, they smile. All rounded up with sheer lipstick colours and lipgloss too. Luciuos lashes with mascara and various nail polish combinations for final perfection. Always easy, always fun.

directed & cinematography by
Ken-Tonio Yamamoto

edited & post-production by
Sjors Hagens & Ken-Tonio Yamamoto

thanks to all in this edition

Agnes Linn Maria Lindström Bolmgren
Anna Von Löw
Bianca Richter
Dinah D Kouyaté Diallo
Doreen Schumacher
Feride Uslu
Frieda Kempter
Jana Drews
Juliane Renz
Laura Sophie Dominick
Maryam Zaree
Mika Moriyama
Niki Pauls
Palina Rojinski
Rieke Edelhoff, m4models
Sarnai Manschuk

music mixed by

-‘usluairlines’ by fetisch (terranova recs)
-‘so strong’ by terranova (kompakt)
-‘corrosive love’ by adam port (keinemusik)
-‘hello g’ (terranova mix) by popnoname (kompakt)
-‘jaune’ by fetisch&me (jollyjams)
-‘the hustler’ by guti (desolat)
-‘speechless theory’ by guti&audiofly (desolat)
-‘hotel amour’ by terranova (kompakt)
-‘go out dub’ by terranova (kompakt)

and to those of 6.2 (coming soon, don’t miss them!)
Camila Soares,
Ettina Berrios Negron
Jon D. Sanders
Kathrin Schäfer
Maren Beckmann
Micky Richter
Minni Podewils
Navina Clever
Patricia Piatke

special thanks
Tee Zeits

uslu airlines started with inflight cosmetic beauty video 1.0 in 2002. Very basic, with a VHS-C and many friends in our boys bedroom in New York’s East Village. In between came Paris and Berlin (2x), still with many friends. The production of 6.0 remains in Germany’s capital, at the uslu airlines tower in Mitte and obviously still friends are the main ingredient. They show again how easy it is, to look natural or colorful with our air brush make-up. One of them Ken-Tonio Yamamoto who turned us HD.

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