Stylist 07-2011

Across the ‘small pond’ more and more journos note us and praise our ‘originality’ and ‘wit’. Well, thank you for the ear candy! We do our best. The British ‘Stylist Magazine’ wrote a small, fine and encapsulate column about our nail polish ONE. To get an impression please scroll down and for more than beauty tips check out the ‘Stylist’ website.

It takes originality and wit to stand out in a sea of endless make-up brands. New Berlin-Based line, Uslu Airlines is bountiful in both. Regularly collaborating with such creative forces as prolific fashion designer and artist, Bernhard Willhelm (on a line of rainbow-bright nail polishes), legendary Paris boutique Colette and the institution that is Barbie (to create a hot pink varnish), Uslu Airlines has now launched ONE (£18), a package containing a genuine USA dollar bill and a bottle of nail polish in a rich forest green to match ihe iconic note. It represents the idea of beauty being one united currency the world over. It’s thinking outside-the-box beauty – literally.

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