new Bernhard Willhelm polishes: BHX and LAX


uslu airlines presents 2 great new colours in our Bernhard Willhem line: BHX and LAX.

The deep dark green cat car ‘BHX’ arrived at our Bernhard Willhelm nail polish collection escorted by ‘LAX’, the powdery california light lilac grey.

The dark green reminds of the classic Jaguar green so it’s no surprise that we choose ‘BHX’ Birmingham-UK as the airport code: Birmingham is the city where Jaguars are built since 1922. Bernhard named the second new shade ‘LAX’ Los Angeles-USA maybe because he could not imagine a more farther distination than a flight from Paris to L.A. – is he not a real angel?!

The two bring the Bernhard Willhelm nail polish line up from 19 to 21, what a nice number!

Suggested retail is 21,-€. Available at as well as the usual suspects (in other words: the best shop in your town, that’s where you find uslu airlines).

Bernhard is among the most creative people we have been working with. He is very determined and picky too. Creativity and determination are 2 virtues that we value very much. That’s why we now have over 21 colours in a line that started with only 3. And we are together adding more with each of Bernhard’s seasonal collections. The polishes he picks are often influenced by these collections, but sometimes they come from contrary directions. This inpredictability is the third important element of working with Bernhard. If his contributions were obvious, we would neither need nor enjoy this collaboration.

On this page are a few pics of BHX and LUX. Show them off in your blog or your mag. They are sharp, they are hi-res and they are yours! If you need more info for a larger feature or even better pics, simply send an email to and she will take care of you right away.





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