Nail polish BOO “Bugaboo”


You might have heard of Bugaboo, a pretty cool Dutch mobility company sporting vehicles for rich infants. So when two babes Kira and Katrin came along our tower in Berlin Mitte and asked for a nail polish matching their denim strollers, we knew we could top it: we created BOO – as in Bodo, Norway – the most expensive nail polish ever available from uslu airlines. If daddy can afford a mama that detestes da cheap, he will surely enjoy seeing her nails made up in that killer denim colour. Good in pants, better in strollers and best on nails.

BOO goes for 632,-€ per bottle and while we are at it, we will throw in a free Bugaboo Bee denim edition stroller for you. So for those stingy dads out there -I am sure there are none anyways- ‘free-fifty-free’ is the cheapest way to wheel around the precious outcome of what was probably your costliest gig so far. Think about it.

To learn more about the Bugaboo Bee, please go to

There is every bits of info and facts and pictures and video you might want about the Bee if you care about such things. We care about security: Considering the extremely high theft rate among high-end baby strollers (mostly unmanned, thanks Jesus), you might want to add a lock. Some that look good enough to neither interfere with the looks of your baby’s stroller nor your babes nails can be gotten at

To add some fun for all involved and prepare the kid for a rewarding career at the carnival however, you are certainly better off with this solution:


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