Leon Japan 08-2011

MYKITA and uslu airlines first came together back in 2006 to co-design a limited edition of aviator sunglasses as a result of their shared “facially-focused” creative energies. Two models were born: EVE for the ladies and BOB for the men. Their names, as is tradition with uslu airlines, were inspired by airport destination codes, and as is traditional with MYKITA – are also first names: ‘BOB – bora bora motu mute’ located in French Polynesia and ‘EVE – evenes’ a destination in Norway.

Both brands focus on enhancing, underlining and expressing personalities with colours, shapes and surface textures or materials. uslu airlines’ unique view of beauty met MYKITA’s industrial design approach and thus the pair ended up on a new and interesting route with a new MYKITA & uslu airlines Jet Set: a new edition of cult aviators BOB and EVE in three new striking colour coatings with matching nail polish!

Three exclusive colours were developed for this collaboration: The MYK Grey-Brown and Lilac ITA are new developments of uslu airlines nail polish best sellers. SXF however signals a new twist on Neon Yellow. By picking what is probably the ugliest, least beautiful and most poorly organized airport in Germany as a name for such a striking colour, the pair finally created something cool to carry the name ‘Schönefeld’. The colours are also repeated in the gradient lenses, which fade from black down to the respective frame colour.

MYK – May Creek, USA (greyed brown)

ITA – Itacoatiara, Brazil (lilac)

SXF – Schönefeld Berlin, Germany (neoned yellow)

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