Icon 09-2011

With the Icon magazine you can build your own high-end lifestyle. They find for you the perfect outfits with the perfect nail polish. Or even better, they tell you thing you didn’t know! On page 92 they introduce our nail polish remover BIO Bilbao/Spain.

uslu airlines introduces ‘BIO’, re-writing the book of nail polish removal. Finally, there is a water-based + gentle-by-concept nail polish remover that does not attack your nails or your skin and even smells nice.

Entirely different in approach, principle and technology, BIO’s German patented formula contains no solvent. You read it right: NO SOLVENT! No acetone, no ethyl acetate, no propylene carbonate,… no solvent at all. Period. In contrast, BIO’s base and dominant component is water, actually. Plain, clear, pure water.

uslu airlines’ BIO uses gnomeic abraders, essentially invisible miniature size cristals, to lift the polish off your nail. The process is more like a gentle peeling or exfoliation, rather than an aggressive dissolution. The action concept is physical, not chemical!

We thoughfully picked the airport of Bilbao Sondica in Spain, coded BIO, as the name for this great innovation. Guess why!

30 seconds of patience: your nails will thank you…

BIO is a water-based nail polish remover that works with microscopic cristalls that penetrate the polish’s structure. BIO contains no solvent! This is great news for your nails, your skin, your nose & even safe during pregnancy.

To enjoy all of BIO’s advantages, you need to add one more ingredient: Patience. BIO’s cristalls need 30 seconds activation time to penetrate the polish’s structure.

1. wet a cotton pad with BIO and apply to each nail
2. allow the liquid to rest on the nail for about 30 seconds
3. use the same cotton pad to rub off
4. rinse with water

Here is an easy trick: first generously apply BIO to all nails with a cotton pad, one-by-one, without rubbing. If you go slow, by the time you reach the last nail, the first one will have had it’s 30 seconds activation time and is ready-to-rub.

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