frontlineshop 25th b-day & uslu airlines

Our friend and business fellow the frontlineshop turns 25 years old. Yeah! Therefore we created the strong-bright-red lipstick HAJ Hannover/Germany and the cool-grey nail polish HAM Hamburg/Germany. The frontlineshop house colors were the inspiration for those two.

Are you already curious where to get this special couple? Come to the frontline pop-up store opening on the 17th of September, Torstra├če 66 Berlin-Mitte. And if you can’t make it on time don’t worry the shop has open 24 hours a whole week!!!

For those who couldn’t make it at the colorful casino night at the 24 hours Frontline Shop pop up store in Berlin, 22. of September 2011.
Our co-pilot in person was spinning the wheel and throwing the ball. Enjoy!

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