Dice sixes DUS

Loco Dice contributes the sixiest sound for the sixth colour in uslu airlines’ DJ nail polish line. As pale as the lilac seems, as shining are his beats. Loco Dice has chosen his home airport DUS (Düsseldorf) as the code for this shade, but we all know that both (the polish and the man) are most likely to be seen right now on the island that counts more incoming flights from DUS than any other: Ibiza.

The mix is free-50-free. Just download it. The polish for 21€ can be gotten at and where you would look for uslu airlines anyways: the best shop in town!

Loco Dice: uslu airlines nail mix (downloadable again!) by uslu airlines


As to be expected for a DJ nail polish, the summerly DUS can be found and bought also at the nicest clubs and selected record stores all over the world.

When we started the DJ nail polish line, it was to add some audible to the eye-candy. And for the mix-masters some visible to their sound, to make a certain Djs presence visible rather than only audible. It worked well, as we all know. We now sometimes would need doormen and selectors to check who is on the list for entry into this selected circle! Really, we have almost more DJs asking to join than we have bottles to fill. DJs involved so far are Fetisch THF, Rollerboys JMK, Headman ZRH, Ed Banger (Busy P) PSG, Hugo Capablanca HUG and the newest one Loco Dice with DUS. At you will find nail mix for all DJs involved so far. And the best of all you can download them for free-fifty-free.

Berlin based Uslu Airlines is a cosmetic company created by makeup artist Feride Uslu and entrepreneur Jan Mihm. We take inspiration from the freedom of travel and offer a selection of coloured polishes, lipstick, lipgloss and other beautiful products each named after various airports around the world. All in All, Uslu Airlines is heading 200 destinations in over 170 countries. You can find us at: Colette Paris, Departmentstore at Quartier 206 Berlin, Apropos Cologne, 10 Corso Como Milan, KaDeWe and many other trendy shops.

Loco Dice says: even if life tends to be unpredictable, a little chancy, the next move doesn’t have to be a gamble.

Find more information on Loco Dice, please visit

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