CPH – Wood Wood and uslu airlines’ second baby

It’s out now for everybody! To give birth to CPH took a while but the outcome is nothing to sneeze at. Please enjoy!

Wood Wood, with who we have been sharing a great friendship after working together for several years, had just their re-opening in Copenhagen – the city where they started off and then expanded to Berlin. Our first collaboration with them (desination WWI) was back in 2006. We feel very flattered by the fact that the ‘CPH’ Kastrup/Copenhagen-Denmark nail polish, which is our second joint venture, is always close to the action whether it is their fashion show in Berlin, the re-opening or just joining beautiful people and their beer!

Wood Wood Re-Opening from Theis Mortensen on Vimeo.

It’s not that ‘früher war alles besser’, yet still, here is some historicals on WWI in 2006.

Shot and edited by our man Gerrit Sievert.

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