CNN online, January 04-2011

I wanted to go to Argentina, and all I got was this lousy nail polish

This headline is so uslu, we could not have written it better ourselfs. Thanks a lot Charlene, thanks a lot CNN.

A new cosmetic brand sells makeup by pretending it’s an exotic vacation

By Charlene Fang 4 January, 2011

Can I have three coats of HKG please?

How can you buy a piece of Innsbruck in Austria, or Pajas Blancas in Argentina, without ever leaving Singapore?This isn’t a joke, it’s a marketing gimmick, from a Berlin-based makeup brand that has ditched conventional naming strategies and deemed itself an “airline” where all its products — nail polish, blush, mascara etc. — are touted as “destinations.”And Singapore is the only place in Asia where you can buy into, or fall for, this shameless gimmickry. Hoo-Rahh.

Uslu Airlines offers travel-deprived Singaporeans the chance to spread the likes of COR (Pajas Blancas, Argentina) or INN (Innsbruk, Austria) on their fingernails or over their toes.

According to their press release, the names have been picked “by heart, by sound, by love,” hence the hodgepodge codes ranging from the often traveled (JFK or CDG) to the obscure (SIR or TUY).

The products available in Singapore includes two lines of nail polish (each bottle retails for S$38), one in collaboration with fashion designer Bernard Willhelm (19 colors), and another in collaboration with DJs (five colors).

So how does Uslu Airlines fare? Vogue UK is a fan and according to “the nail polish dries quickly with a great long lasting hold.”

It’s one novel way of saying you’ve been to KTT (Kittila, Finland).

The lines are available at A Curious Teepee, #02-24 *Scape, 2 Orchard Link; tel +65 6820 1680.

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