BIR-EAR-WOR lipsticks for KaDeWe by uslu airlines

KaDeWe asked uslu airlines to create three exclusive lipsticks for their special events “The early bird catches the fashion worm”.

In collaboration with KaDeWe Berlin, Oberpollinger Munich and Alsterhaus Hamburg, we launched colours that played with the original early bird’s beaks. The beaks they use to catch worms, logically. Simple? Simple!

Our naming scheme followed strictly conceptual guideance this time. No dream, no memory, just 3 letters to match ‘early’ + ‘bird’ + ‘worm’. The first lipstick, an oranged yellow and hence actually common with many feathered animals in zoos and forests worldwide, got the airport code EAR for Kearny in the USA.

The second stick, BIR, shares the name with airport BIR – Biratnagar in Nepal. With a pinkish purple, such shade might be spotted occasionly by very ambitous ornitologists.

Number three, WOR, is a plain green. Impossible beak in nature, rare on human lips, only thinkable with uslu airlines, only buayanle at KaDeWe-Alsterhaus-Oberpollinger. For now. Airport code is WOR for Maramba on Madagaskar




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