25 years of frontlineshop

They set up a one week party, create a special lipstick and nail polish and in the end they even release a book which shows us the whole history of frontlineshop. Hats off!

Enjoy words and pics…

They say:
‘The frontlineshop story began 25 years ago in a shared flat in Hanover. Many things have happened ever since. We have become more mature and some of us have founded families.
Business ups and downs left their marks and made us wiser. Our business philosophy and the market have changed as well as the world we live in. We’ve seen several youth movements, trends and different technologies. Some have lasted, some disappeared. What definitely continues is our creativity and passion for innovation – the idea of expressing ourselves newly again and again. Street fashion as well as music will constantly move on – and it will stay exciting to be part of it!

We take our anniversary to reflect on the past 25 years. This book gives you a brief idea of our world. It shares personal memories as well as various anecdotes and presents 25 years of our company embedded in subcultural history. It contains different individual impressions, that express our universe – all these puzzle parts put together make the big whole which is frontlineshop.’

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