WIC – wicked without a/k/a: we can do it alone!

Since so many years, uslu airlines has been collaborating with so many creatives and with such a pleasure that new stand-alone-did-it-all-alone-non-collab-colours have become a rarity. In essence, this makes our plain vanilla main line most sexy and sought after: blinky, exclusive and hard to get.

WIC is such a case. Entirely thought up, created and named in-house by non less than the uslu airlines cockpit crew. It’s a greyed lilac that will easily outperform our best seller ROR (you remember?).

Named after the aiport Wick in the UK, it does not get any more North than that in the empire…

Available wherever uslu airlines is sold. Or right here in our online shop.

Photo by David Mallon.

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