Nail polish HUG “DJ line”

It took a while and it certainly was not entirely easy to stir up mixmaster Hugo Capablanca‘s nail polish creation. We took hexagon chrome glitters, offered in a hi-end clear coat so one can sculpt a mirrored nail… for the Romains among us: hexa means 6 and Hugo is the fifth DJ to join our selected circle ‘colour of sound’. Makes no sense? So what.

Hugo spins mainly in Berlin, but he picked airport HUG – Huehuetenango in Guatemala to code his polish, clearly matching his tropical tunes and bananamanian fruit obsession…

Check out Hugo’s nail mix. Listen. Download. Rip. Burn. It’s all free-50-free! Enjoy.

Hugo Capablanca: uslu airlines nail mix by uslu airlines

To get more of the DJ stuff and more downloads too, please check tag DJ

Hugo is also contributing DJ at the MUZAK project that our friends at WoodWood started. Check it out at

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As always at uslu airlines, the pictures below are free for you to use. Simply click on them to enlarge, then ‘save as’ or drag to you desktop. Thank you. You are welcome.

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