GQ-Gentlemen’s Quarterly October 2010

With Eva Padberg on the cover and me behind her inside, GQ found the perfect way to say what needed to be said: nail polish is no longer a female domain and nailers rule! Anyways, if you can read German, just click on the scans below to enlarge.

If you can’t, then please take my word for it. GQ thinks we are all cool and, really nicely put, reading Jan Mihm next to Al Pacino and Ronaldo, who would have guessed that one? The main product focus in this feature is on our DJ-line ‘the colour of sound’, spinning together Headman, Fetisch, Busy P, Rollerboys and Hugo Capablanca (as the fifth element).

GQ author Clark Perkin has been seriously historian by putting together this 3 page essay on dudes with pink on their pinky. And entertainingly less serious when outlining the related future options to look forward to! Sided with beautiful pictures shot by Gregor Hohenberg. It was really fun and pleasureful to have them over. One of those pic ops that were sloted for an hour and even after 4 of them, we still felt like flying…

Enjoy, I did.

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