BER – beautiful, but cannot be bought…

…here at least you cannot not buy it. Go straight to our friends at NO-74 and they will hook you up! To order via phone, please call: 0049.30.53062513. To order by email, write to or just walk over an get your hands dirty!

BER was thought up, created and curated by our good friends at No 74 Berlin (Torstrasse 74, you guessed it.) as a homage to our city and it’s new (under contraction) airport. We could not agree more! Even though we were strong opposers to the closure of  THF, we now feel warmly for the new use of the terrain as a public park… hence our sympathy for BER! As an exclusive collaboration colour, BER is only available at No74… Greets!

pics: David Mallon

For those romantics among you that still prefer Tempelhof, we can help you with that:

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