BBB by uslu airlines is a collaboration project of uslu airlines and Bread&Butter Berlin to support BREAD&BUTTER FOR CHARITY. For every bottle sold, we donate 90¢.

Currently, this money goes to the Berlin Arche, a Christian organisation for children and young people, has been supporting needy children since 1995 – whether through a nutritious hot meal, tutoring and assistance with homework, or meaningful leisure activities involving music and sport. At the Arche, children additionally have a personal contact who provides them with advice and support.

The majority of us lead very fortunate lives. We have access to things which we believe are very basic, such as food and education. We grow up and get jobs, play, go for meals with friends and just generally do what it is we want. However not everyone is so fortunate.

It is important at the Arche to do what they can to provide children and young people with what they need. It is often far more simple than one would think to do your bit. In this case all that is needed is for you to buy one of these funky nail vanishes. This simple act can help make a big difference to the lives of so many.

You can join the cause in many ways:

  1. buy some cool colours for yourself, your girlfriends and your brother.
  2. order this mini-line for your shop. Please contact us.
  3. talk about it. Share it on facebook. The link is
  4. thanks.

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