Nail polish RIK

Nail polish RIK named after Carillo airport in Costa Rica, black stars coloured

RIK is the first polish in our newly started ‘fashion designer’ series. The collaborateur for this one is Ulrika Lundgren from Amsterdam, createuse of the label ‘Rika’. Stars are the signature of her label, black is the colour of choice: when you apply what seems to be just a black polish, little stars appear on your nail… click thru the pics to see what we mean, please.

note: RIK is not like your regular nail polish! Her application is kinda challenging because the stars are much bigger than the usual glitter that one normally finds in some nail polishes. The process is more like a ‘bricolage’ than lacquering.

Product pictures can be downloaded freely: Just click on the product pic to enlarge it and then drag it to your desktop… you will get a hi-res JPG (2500 x 2500 px).

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